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Prophetic Art

by Ingrid Ortiz


Meet Ingrid

Prophetic Artist

Ingrid Ortiz, is passionate about seeing individuals learn to connect with God and know the Father’s heart.  She is a prophetic voice with a passion to train and equip a generation that will walk into their prophetic destiny. Her objective is to help others believe and apply the truth of the Word to their lives in practical ways. She believes in setting the captives free, encouraging and empowering people to aspire to be better and see a true transformation. Ingrid is also an artist; she loves to use her gifts and creativity to express and manifest heaven in a visible and tangible way.

Her mandate is to establish and extend the Kingdom through family and legacy.  Ingrid and her husband, Wilbur, are ministers and work together in the ministry of worship, intercession and the arts. 

Art is an expression and carries a message from the artist who created it. 


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